sensing solutions

At Sensoteq, we apply industry expertise in wireless technology to design market leading solutions for the condition monitoring market. Our solutions cut costs and reduce unplanned downtime in a vast range of industrial settings

Proprietary Wireless Technology

Featuring prolonged battery life, Sensoteq's wireless technologies are designed for longevity in harsh industrial environments


IP69K and ATEX Zone 0 rated, each sensor is protected from ingress of dust while withstanding extreme temperature ranges and high-pressure high-temperature wash downs

Simple, Secure Interface

Access and view all data using our unique interface, Analytix. Available anytime, anywhere, Analytix is your window into understanding the health and efficiency of your machinery

Kappa X

Kappa X introduces a market leading 10kHz FMax enabling earlier warning and increased diagnostics capability. Designed to monitor almost any application, Kappa X features a small footprint, waterproof housing and a user-replaceable battery


Sensoteq Kappa provides continuous health monitoring for industrial machinery. Designed for use in all manufacturing applications, Kappa is suitable for any machine that has a rotating element like motors and bearings


Sensoteq Tau provides continuous efficiency monitoring for industrial machinery. Specifically developed for the mining industry, Tau is suitable for any machine that generates a cyclical pattern, such as screens and crushers


Sensoteq Chi provides instant feedback on a machines efficiency and health direct to our Android app, with advanced analysis options in the cloud. Suitable for all machine types, Chi is your day-to-day service tool solution

Our ethos

At Sensoteq, we are passionate about adding real value to our customer's operations. Working collaboratively with our customers, we develop sensing solutions to alert you to machine faults before failure occurs, enabling optimum plant efficiency and maximum machine uptime

Customer testimonial

"I really like the Sensoteq system with all it's analysis features and the user friendly software. Within the first couple months of the install, we were able to determine a damaged bearing in a critical gearbox and reduce longer down time by scheduling the bearing replacement. A plan is already in place to add more critical equipment to the system."

Automotive Industry

User testimonial

"Sensoteq has a well-developed vibration analysis platform with easy access to different sites allowing for detailed and complex remote diagnosis of machinery."

Cat IV Vibration Analyst

Built with Experts

A market leading product suite requires the knowledge of industry experts. Supported by accredited research and training bodies, Sensoteq combines engineering and development know-how with the professional guidance of reliability experts. By teaming with leading knowledge partners, we ensure our products feature the latest technological advancements, while remaining intuitive and easy to implement industry-wide

Smart Sensor

Sensoteq sensors are designed for performance. Transmitting at low frequency in comparison to WIFI and Bluetooth wireless systems, our sensors excel in noisy factory environments. Compact in design, our sensors feature a low centre of gravity and internal antenna, providing robust monitoring in tough industrial conditions. No wires means the sensors can be seamlessly fitted to your machines, connecting them to the internet and providing the intelligence needed to predict downtime, prevent early life failures and improve overall plant efficiency


The Sensoteq Gateway is the link between our sensors and the digital world. With many network options including WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular we ensure your data makes it securely to our cloud servers or local integration. Within the servers the data is sorted and stored in an efficient manner to allow fast retrieval later - all whilst checking and comparing the data to trigger alarms if necessary


Analytix is Sensoteq's web-based interface from which to view the data generated from our sensor range. Data is broken down automatically and displayed in a simple hierarchy that alarms the user to poorly performing or at-risk machines quickly. Access is secure and can be integrated to other systems through our well-documented API