Sensoteq Kappa X – What’s the Hype?

The launch of Kappa X is a huge step forward for Sensoteq, as it brings our next generation sensor to the market, developed from our very successful Kappa sensor with major improvements we as a company wanted to make to be a market leader in wireless sensor technology, but also our Kappa X sensor features some really exciting upgrades that we incorporated from a large selection of customer feedback we have received over the years.

First of all, our new Kappa X sensor features a replaceable battery. Obviously this is hugely important as our customers will simply be able to replace the battery at their own convenience every 5 years. They can simply swap out the battery when required, a really important feature when our customer’s critical assets require continuous monitoring, as opposed to our first generation sensor which featured a non-replaceable battery. This has a huge positive environmental impact, as our sensors do no longer require a complete replacement. Sensoteq understands the importance of our environmental impact in today’s world and we are proud to have developed our sensors to meet these requirements.

Secondly, our sensor now features a 10kHz Fmax, which enables earlier warning and increased diagnostic capability. In order to be a market leader, Sensoteq knew they had to have a sensor with a maximum frequency range used when capturing vibration data on a spectrum of 10Khz, and so we are now able to offer this capability to our customers.

Lastly, the Kappa X has some really useful and interesting features with the aim of making it not only adaptable to any industrial application, but also adjustable so that each customer can use the Kappa X sensor for their own unique outputs. These features include:

Smart Wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode, preserving battery life

Auto-Ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to +/-64G to cope with peak energy exerted by the machine

User configuration adapts the system to suit all applications

Sensoteq have installed Kappa X sensors in a range of industries and environments on numerous machines, and not only is the Kappa X installation process seamless and straightforward, our customers are already seeing the benefits of our new sensors capabilities in monitoring their assets and predicting faults.

If you would like to discuss how Sensoteq could help monitor your assets and reduce downtime, enquire now.

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Sustainable IIOT For The Future of Your Business

A global leader in wireless reliability technologies, Sensoteq, is celebrating the launch of its latest innovation in Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology. Pairing cleverly designed sensor technology with big data algorithms, the Northern Ireland-based company is revolutionising the predictive maintenance market, by making reliability best practice accessible, affordable and easy to implement in any industrial application.

The latest generation of smart sensing hardware offered by the company, Kappa X, is the culmination of many years of product development and collaboration with key research partners, and speaks to the future of Industry 4.0.

Sensoteq Kappa X sensor on motor

The sensor features unrivalled wireless technology, a replaceable battery design and a market-leading fault detection capacity within a compact 25mm footprint, meaning it can be mounted on virtually any piece of rotating equipment in any machine environment.

Already, the demand for the technology has outweighed pre-launch production volumes, with orders from blue chip companies represented in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, to include Automotive, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Waste Recycling and Energy and Renewables.

“We have been overwhelmed by the demand for Kappa X” said Sensoteq CEO, Idir Boudaoud. “We listened to what our customers wanted, and by combining our engineering know-how with the technical expertise of our UK-based Research Partner, RMS, we have been able to deliver a smart sensor which measures all of the intricate machine details that our experts want to see, while providing a long term, sustainable, robust and extremely accessible machine reliability system for our customers”.

‎Sensoteq Founders Alan McCall and Idir Boudaoud with Kappa X sensors and gateway

Kappa X is the sixth product Sensoteq has released to market in the last 5 years, with key design features heavily influenced by the transition to Industry 4.0.

“Our aim is to make machines smart” Boudaoud continues, “By doing so we safeguard machine longevity, and prevent failure incidents which are well known to have significant cost implications and knock-on supply chain expense. What is less well-known is the amount of energy wastage and potential for environmental damage caused by inefficient operations or machine failure. It is our desire to prevent such incidents, helping the transition to more responsible industrial operations.”

An end-to-end solution provider, Sensoteq specialises in remote wireless machine health monitoring to predict machine faults, remove unnecessary energy wastage, and increase reliability and resiliency on site.

The smart technology raises an alarm when vibration or temperature trends increase beyond typical values for a machine type. Machine specific algorithms act to organise complex data into coherent and simplistic outputs on the Sensoteq Analytix platform, which in turn enables machine operators to pinpoint specific mechanical or electrical faults with their equipment. As the machine data is stored securely on the cloud for detailed analysis, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Sensoteq Kappa X sensors on pharmaceutical application

The latest product release to market, Kappa X, features all the benefits reliability experts expect from a smart sensor. Smart wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode to preserve battery life; auto-ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to +/-64G to measure peak energy exerted by the machine; and a wide vibration frequency range of up to 10kHz results in even earlier detection of faults.

Combine all this with a user-replaceable battery and the ability to update firmware in accordance with Sensoteq’s latest design release, and it is clear to see why Kappa X undoubtedly features one of the best wireless sensor lifespans on the market.

As a result, Sensoteq is helping to address some of the difficult problems posed by the future of industrial operations. Manufacturers are demanding intuitive and economically viable solutions for smart manufacturing. The launch of Kappa X marks the provision of a quick, easy and affordable starting point for any operational reliability program – providing peace of mind that machines are running in the most efficient manner possible.

If you would like to discuss how Sensoteq could help monitor your assets and reduce downtime, enquire now.


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Visualising Chi Data

Sensoteq Chi is a vibration sensor designed to get information into your hands quickly, allowing the user to make fast decisions. This is particularly evident when a user needs to analyse a rotary-oscillating machine such as a vibrating screen. 

The energy a screen generates can be classified as either desirable or undesirable.

Desirable energy is the motion the screen generates in the same plane as the side plate.  This motion is used to bounce the material in a certain manner across the top of media (screening surface).  The energy within this plain is significant but occurs at a specific frequency (the screen running speed).

Undesirable energy will occur in all three axes on the machine and are a result of poor maintenance, machines operating beyond expected parameters, and faults that naturally happen over time.  This energy can damage the machine in other ways, such as putting extra strain on the bearings or loading beams, and causing cracks.  Being able to continuously monitor this energy is of critical importance to ensure the continued smooth running of your machinery.

There are several key parameters that are important when analysing a screen:

  • • Stroke Length
  • • Stroke Angle
  • • RPM
  • • Displacement (Z Axis)

These parameters are all available as a “Quick Measurement” in the Chi app, but can looked at in more detail when stored to the Analytix Cloud Platform.

Stroke Length, Angle and RPM are good indicators that the desirable energy is consistent across the entire machine, and within the parameters that you expect – this ensures that you are maximising the output from your machine and not wasting material.

Stroke length and angle can be visualised both as an average, and as raw data to give good insights into the performance of the machine.  Averaging the data (left image) gives a clear view of the angle and the type of motion (elliptical, circular, or linear) that is expected, but mainly provides useful values that can be trended over time or compared from one inspection to the next.  The raw data (right image) shows the real motion of the machine and can help diagnose more specific faults.

Displacement (Z axis only) is a fantastic indicator of undesirable energy.  Also called transverse motion, this parameter measures the side-to-side motion of a vibrating screen, which should be kept to an absolute minimum. Any excess energy in this axis is wasted energy that is likely damaging another part of your machine, as the structure and bearings will be “absorbing” this energy.  Energy in this direction can occur at any frequency, and by measuring the frequency it can be possible to ascertain the cause of the problem. With Chi, we can visualise the “Z vs Y” or “Z vs X” motion to understand what pattern exists.  Looking at the velocity spectrum can show us the frequencies that are present in this axis, in the example below, we can see a large peak (9.5mm/s) at the running speed, indicating some mounting looseness in this machine.

Chi allows the user to quickly perform checks when physically present at the machine, but also dive deeper into the data when sitting at their desk.


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Sensoteq Chi Machine Reliability Tool

We’re often asked by our customers for an analysis tool which can be used on demand. This is where our ever-popular Sensoteq Chi Service Tool kits come into play.

  • • Is it rechargeable? Yes
  • • Can it be used when there is no internet connection available? Yes
  • • Can I upload data to the cloud for detailed analysis and reporting? Yes

Chi is the all-in-one solution for service technicians who are out on the road, plant owners who want peace of mind that their equipment is in good operational health, and original equipment manufacturers who want to perform end of line factory acceptance tests.

It can be used on any industrial asset for route-based condition monitoring, or in mine and quarry applications for commissioning and machine servicing. It’s functions include triaxial vibration analysis, the ability to perform a hammer test, and structural analysis for screens. It’s here that the Sensoteq Chi comes into its own.

As one of the only solutions on the market which can record detailed motion patterns on vibrating screens, the stroke analysis mode enables detailed assessment of stroke length and angle, rotating frequency, displacement from all three axis and temperature.

In practice, this means the operator can ensure optimum screening efficiency on site. All too often we come across screens running at much higher RPM than design in an attempt to maximise output. The familiar screeching noise of bearings under pressure as you arrive onto site. With Sensoteq Chi, we can determine optimum running speed – adjusting the parameters on site to achieve the same throughput but at a lower RPM. This helps our screens to stand the test of time, and reduces unnecessary energy wastage.

Regular check-ups on machine performance helps to optimise plant efficiency. By using Bluetooth technology to make measurements at the touch of a button, Sensoteq Chi makes achieving machine efficiency both quick and easy. The result is equal output of product, at lower running speeds; meaning less downtime from over-worked machines.

For rotating equipment, time waveform and spectrum measurements are recorded using a mobile android device – identifying potential machine health problems and enabling effective planning of maintenance shutdowns while preventing unplanned failures.

Log on to the Sensoteq Analytix platform to avail of advanced diagnostics tools and produce machine or site health status reports. You can upload your data directly to the cloud, or, if caught on a remote site with no way to connect to the internet, you can store your data and upload it later. 

Available in 2 or 4 sensor configurations, and with or without a tablet, there’s a Sensoteq Chi tool to suit every application. It’s rechargeable, compact, and incredibly durable – all adding to give you the confidence that your plant is performing as it should.

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