Kappa X

Sensoteq Kappa X is an evolution of wireless continuous health monitoring for a wide range of machinery. Built in partnership with vibration experts, Kappa X introduces a market leading 10kHz FMax enabling earlier warning and increased diagnostics capability. Designed to monitor almost any application, Kappa X features a small footprint, waterproof housing and a user-replaceable battery



Bearing Failures




Pumps & Fans




Key Measurements

• Standard Resolution Waveform & Spectrum @ 10kHz (every 24 hours)
• Measurement with Configurable Options (sampling window/frequency/resolution)
• RMS Velocity, RMS Acceleration & Peak to Peak (every minute)
• Temperature (every minute)

Built with Experts

Designed under the technical guidance of industry experts worldwide, Kappa X benefits from thoughtful product features informed by those in the know. Citing over 20 years of expertise in vibration analysis, Sensoteq’s UK-based Research Partner, Reliability Maintenance Solutions, boasts a world-renowned Reliability Training Institute and delivers tailored reliability programs for leading CBM clients globally. The result – a sensor designed with technical experts with the end user in mind. Kappa X pairs slimline sensor form with sophisticated analytics tools to provide advanced diagnostics encapsulated within user-friendly design




Peak Vibration


Ingress Protection

5 Years

Replaceable Battery

10kHz FMax

Kappa X captures a time waveform at a sample frequency of 25.6kHz. This resolves to a 10kHz FMAX (maximum frequency) for analysis at 6400 LOR (Lines of Resolution). This is ideal for vibration analysis of industrial machinery, covering any applications running from nominal to very high speeds, such as gearboxes. It is possible to envelope the signal using Sensoteq’s Analytix platform to provide an unparalleled level of diagnostic capability in a wireless sensor

  • Daily Waveforms
  • Envelope spectrum

Smart Wake

By sensing the vibration generated from your machinery, the Kappa sensor can enter an ultra-low power mode to save battery life. As the machine turns on, the sensor will start to capture vibration data again with the first waveform being taken at a key moment during the duty cycle of your machinery

  • Intelligent Sleep Mode
  • Saves Battery Life

Auto Ranging

All machinery is different. Most machines are designed to reduce the amount of vibration entering the system, so being as sensitive as possible is key to discovering certain faults. With a minimum range of +/-8G the Kappa sensor will detect even the smallest faults. Other applications are designed to induce vibration as part of the process, causing a very high energy signal. The Kappa sensor will automatically scale up to +/-64G to cope with this increased vibration, ensuring every high energy peak is captured. Our robust Auto-Ranging technology will ensure every waveform is captured at the right range

  • Max Pk-Pk of 128G
  • High sensitivity at +/-8G

Smart Technology

Kappa X features all the benefits expected of a smart sensor as standard. Smart Wake technology enables the sensor to enter ultra-low power mode which preserves battery life. Auto Ranging allows the sensor to automatically scale up to +/-64G to cope with peak energy exerted by the machine being monitored. With the ability to upgrade firmware and a replaceable battery, Kappa X features one of the best wireless sensor lifespans on the market