The Sensoteq Kappa sensor provides continuous health monitoring for industrial machinery.  With our unique electronic framework embedded inside, you can count on Kappa to monitor your equipment even under the harshest of conditions. Kappa is well suited for a wide range of industries; manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, food & beverage, packaging, power generation, or anywhere that has rotating equipment



Bearing Failures








Key Measurements

• Standard Resolution Waveform & Spectrum @ 2.5kHz (twice a day)
• High Resolution Waveform & Spectrum @ 550Hz (twice a day)
• RMS Velocity, RMS Acceleration & Peak to Peak (every 3 minutes)
• Temperature (every minute)

Wireless Technology

Sensoteq's proprietary wireless technology utilises a sub 1GHz channel to transmit data, this ensures that existing wireless technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi (2.4GHz) is not impacted. Our wireless channel has been designed to achieve maximum range in industrial environments, where large metal and concrete structures are commonplace




Peak Vibration


Ingress Protection

3+ Years

Battery Life

Rapid Detailed Data

The Kappa sensor captures a detailed time waveform, in all three axes, twice a day. The time waveform and subsequent spectrum are used together to diagnose a wide range of potential and developing faults with your machinery. The sensor also transmits temperature and overall vibration measurements every minute. Overall vibration is captured in three formats, RMS Velocity, RMS Acceleration, Peak to Peak Acceleration - to give you the best chance of capturing quickly evolving problems

  • OA & Temperature Every Minute
  • 12 Hourly Detailed Waveforms

Smart Wake

By sensing the vibration generated from your machinery, the Kappa sensor can enter an ultra-low power mode to save battery life. As the machine turns on, the sensor will start to capture vibration data again with the first waveform being taken at a key moment during the duty cycle of your machinery

  • Intelligent Sleep Mode
  • Saves Battery Life

Auto Ranging

All machinery is different. Most machines are designed to reduce the amount of vibration entering the system, so being as sensitive as possible is key to discovering certain faults. With a minimum range of +/-2G the Kappa sensor will detect even the smallest faults. Other application are designed to induce vibration as part of the process, causing a very high energy signal. The Kappa sensor will automatically scale up to +/-16G to cope with this increased vibration, ensuring every high energy peak is captured. Our robust Auto-Ranging technology will ensure every waveform is captured at the right range

  • Max Pk-Pk of 32G
  • High sensitivity at +/-2G