The Sensoteq Tau sensor provides continuous efficiency monitoring for industrial machinery.  Using our unique vibration technology, Tau will detect key parameters for your pattern generating equipment (circular, elliptical or linear). Designed with robustness in mind, Tau can withstand the harshest of conditions.  Install Tau sensors at your new or existing mine, quarry, or waste and recycling plant


Stroke Length



Up Time






Key Measurements

• Stroke Length & Angle, Deflection, G-Force
• Running Speed, Uptime
• Temperature
• Bearings

Wireless Technology

Sensoteq's proprietary wireless technology utilises a sub 1GHz channel to transmit data, this ensures that existing wireless technology such as Bluetooth or WiFi (2.4GHz) is not impacted. Our wireless channel has been designed to achieve maximum range in industrial environments, where large metal and concrete structures are commonplace




Peak Vibration


Ingress Protection

3+ Years

Battery Life

High G Range & Robustness

Tau has been designed from the ground up to operate in the harshest conditions, whether that be a mine deep in the jungle, or waste processing plant with harsh chemicals, Tau will withstand it all. Using a double barrier intrinsic design the sensitive electronics are protected to ensure uninterrupted monitoring from 2G up to 16G. The sensor can be mounted using a strong magnet in the base, or bolted on for that extra piece of mind

  • 16 G Peak Vibration
  • Double Intrinsic Barrier

Stroke Detection

Using our unique algorithms, the Tau sensor will calculate all the required information for the end user to understand the operating efficiency of the their machine. This is achieved at an unparalleled rate (5 minutes) given the long battery life of the product. By comparing the data between all sides of the machine, the user can determine the proportional difference as a percentage - highlighting faults that lead to lower product/material throughput. Tau is perfectly suited for those applications where improved efficiency means higher returns

  • 5 Minute Rate
  • Visual Reporting

Smart Wake

By sensing the vibration generated from your machinery, the Tau sensor can enter an ultra-low power mode to save battery life. As the machine turns on, the sensor will start to capture vibration data again with the first measurements being taken at a key moment during the duty cycle of your machinery

  • Intelligent Sleep Mode
  • Saves Battery Life