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Kappa support

Sensoteq Kappa provides continuous health monitoring for industrial machinery. Suitable for any machine that has a rotating element, like motors and bearings.


The Kappa sensor is always on. It utilises the Smart Wake feature to automatically sample data when a low level of vibration is detected. This maximises battery life whilst ensuring your machinery is monitored when it is running.
Yes. The Kappa sensor has a very robust IP69K rating - meaning that it can be used in all wet or dusty environments. The sensor will also survive pressure washing.
As per default, the Kappa sensor will measure temperature and an overall vibration (OA) level every minute. This OA level will cycle between Acceleration RMS, Velocity RMS, and Acceleration Peak to Peak. The sensor will also record two time waveforms twice a day in all axes - perfect for diagnosing faults.

Tau support

Sensoteq Tau provides continuous efficiency monitoring for industrial machinery. Suitable for any machine that generates a cyclical pattern, such as screen and crushers. There are two variants of the Tau sensor - Structure and Bearing. Tau Structure is used to measure the cyclical pattern, Tau Bearing is used to detect and diagnose bearing faults.


Tau has been designed from the ground up to survive the harshest of conditions. With an IP69K rating and double barrier protection, the Tau sensor can be used on all mining equipment.
The Tau sensor has two mounting options: Magnet or Bolted. For most applications, we recommend that Tau is bolted to the equipment, however, the magnetic base has a pull force of 9kg and is capable of withstanding 20g of mechanical shock.
Yes, both sensors are compatible with the gateway and any number can be mixed on one gateway.

Chi support

Sensoteq Chi provides instant feedback on machine efficiency and health directly to the Chi Android app, with advanced analysis options in the cloud. Suitable for all machine types.


The primary method of viewing data from the Chi sensor is to use the Chi app on an Android device. The app provides a number of options for measuring and viewing data - standard vibration, stroke analysis or hammer test (to find the natural frequencies of a structure). Download the app here
The Chi sensor uses a built-in rechargeable battery to power the device. By plugging a USB Micro cable into the sensor it will automatically recharge. The battery percentage can be seen by connecting to it via the Android App
The app can be used in one of two modes: Cloud-Connected or Standalone. In standalone mode, the app will allow you to view all the measurements the sensor is capable of. However, if you have an active internet connection (and appropriate license) you can upload the data to our Analytix platform to view and store all the raw data for an even deeper analysis. If an internet connection is not available it is possible to temporarily store data to the device and upload at a later time. (Data storage is dependant on device permissions and available storage)

Gateway Support

The Sensoteq Gateway has been specifically developed to connect Kappa, Kappa X and Tau sensors to the Analytix cloud platform. Sensoteq have developed a range of gateways with different connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, cellular, PLC and Ethernet, to suit all settings.

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